0*RikXJJU3lk080HvDLife is full of lessons; some painful, others pleasant. We experience life lessons in varying ways and seasons. They may come at the beginning of a new career, business venture, attending a new school or through experience – good or bad. I have learned my share of lessons and encourage you to do the same, but I want to focus specifically on what I have learned thus far in my first month serving as Youth Community Outreach Director of Bloomingdale Church.

Bloomingdale Church is a safe and welcoming place. From the very first time I visited Bloomingdale Church, I felt at ease with the people I have met and their endearing smiles. I believe strongly that it is important for a church to be a place guests can feel comfortable attending and relating to others. Bloomingdale Church offers plenty of both characteristics.

Bloomingdale Church is an outreaching community. With events such as Friday Night Coffeehouse for teens each week and Day Camp each summer, Bloomingdale Church has plenty to offer to the community. It was incredibly rewarding to be part of Day Camp and to see the way parents and children from many walks of life enjoyed the week’s festivities.

Bloomingdale Church has a bright future.  I was recently able to be part of the leadership team of the South Elgin OnMission trip to Community Alliance Church in South Elgin. Thirty-three of our teens and seven leaders were able to run a Day Camp and undertake a few service projects for the church. Seeing teens give up a week of their summer to serve in this way was especially impacting, even more so because of the manner in which they carried themselves. The future of Bloomingdale Church is promising if what I witnessed continues.

The aforementioned are but a few aspects that have become evident to me serving on staff at Bloomingdale Church for a month. I hope and pray to learn many more lessons during the months and years to come. Blessings to you all!