We’re two weeks into Youth Alpha. Each week, we have tons of food, many students, and a whole lot of fun. How is Youth Alpha unique, and different from what happens weekly during Friday Night Coffeehouse? For starters, we are using a film series created by Youth Alpha Canada. It’s a 20 minute film where the main characters travel, interview people, and discuss matters of life, faith, and God. Secondly, Youth Alpha gives students the opportunity to form friendships, and share their opinions in table groups. Why is it done this way? We believe that learning about faith topics individually, and in community will help each student learn and articulate their own beliefs. The night is the same and the format is generally the same. We’ve simply added the element of students being able to interact immediately with the content they learn.

Check out weekly updates and links to the Youth Alpha Film series at facebook.com/youthalpha264coffeehouse.