What do neon colors, old school games, Bon Jovi, jacket buttons and side ponytails have in common? They all come from the 1980’s and were part of our Youth Alpha Launch Party on March 4, 2016.



  • 80 students in attendance
  • Dance floor
  • Music videos from the 80s (Thanks DJ Matt)
  • Free Youth Alpha t-shirt for all who attended
  • Awesome table discussions
  • 12 new/newer guests: Jeremy, Chris, Natalie, Brandon, Maddy, Aliani, Jayana, Joe, Brandon and Devin


One of the unique elements about our Launch Party was bringing in old school arcade gaming machines. What was cooler than that was how those games were brought in and set up for students to enjoy. Paul O, one of our youth group parent volunteers, is starting an arcade business. Paul was excited to lend a hand and worked really hard with his son, Sebastian, to transport the machines to the Youth Quad for the party. Thanks to Paul’s generosity of time and resources, students, members of the youth staff, and volunteers were able to play Pac-man, Space Invaders and more.


What is the Youth Alpha Film Series?
The Youth Alpha Film series contains 12 short films targeted to engage students in topics of life, faith, and God. The series was created three years ago by Alpha Canada. Hosts Jason Ballard and Ben Woodman weave their quirky Canadian accents into each session, and literally travel all over the world. In their travels, Ben and Jason address important faith matters, and interview people from all walks of life asking their opinions and viewpoints.  What’s awesome is that the series costs absolutely nothing to run. Anyone who wants to run an Alpha course can register for free and download all the materials here.