We value the importance of having welcoming spaces in all of our NextGen programs.  When our spaces are set up right, the message is “We were expecting you, and we are thrilled you’re here!”

At Friday night Coffeehouse on March 11, one may have noticed numerous new students.  Their faces told the story: they were glad they came. They found adult sponsors that welcomed them, but also gave them space so they could connect with other teens around the multiple old school video arcades, the open gym and coffeehouse, pumping music, and free food.

We have highly dedicated adult volunteers that make Coffeehouse run efficiently. They graciously connect with the students and offer support as listeners, encouragers and models of Christian love and service.  This week, one of our younger adult leaders, Nick S, was so dedicated to be there on Friday that he biked all the way from Wood Dale and back. Now that is awesome! Nick wanted to be there for the teens to serve so much that he didn’t mind a 25 minute bike ride!

Week 2 #Fiesta


Here’s the scene: “La Bamba” is playing over the speakers. People are all over the place. “Whoa, is that horchata?!” is heard. “It sure is!” comes the reply. “We also have taco caserole, chips & salsa, and quesadillas!”

That’s just a small snippet of one conversation from Youth Alpha week two’s Mexican Fiesta night. The atmosphere was great and it was a packed house!   Highlights include:

  • Over 90 students in attendance, a new Youth Alpha record
  • Tunes en Español 🙂
  • Free Youth Alpha t-shirt for all who attended
  • Meaningful table discussions
  • Over 10 new/newer guests and returning guests from week 1


What topics are covered in Youth Alpha?
Youth Alpha covers the basics of Christianity. Attendees of Alpha can expect to walk away with a basic understanding of Christianity. The topics include:

  • Life: Is this it?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why Did Jesus Die?
  • How Can I Have Faith?
  • How and Why Do I Pray?
  • Why and How Do I Read the Bible?
  • How Does God Guide Us Into Full Life?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit and What Does He Do?
  • How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?
  • How Can I Resist Evil?
  • Does God Heal Today?
  • What About Church and Telling Others?