A Cool Story
Part of what makes our NextGen ministries flow and “work” is the tireless efforts of not just our volunteers, but also the commitment of parents and guardians. This week, there was a really cool example of this: Even though her son, Michael H, was not going to be able to attend Youth Alpha at Coffeehouse, Lisa H,  still brought an awesome dish of Rice Krispie Treat “sushi” bars. Not only were they delicious (thanks Lisa!), but the fact that she still made and delivered them, regardless of her son’s ability to attend. We are blessed to have parents like Lisa H, that give of their time, talents and treasures to partner with what God is doing among our students.

“That’s not water!” exclaims a student. “And this isn’t water!” shouts another. How can one mistake water for juice and justice for water? Simple: it was intentionally done because of the April Fools’ Fest during week 5 of Youth Alpha at Coffeehouse!

We had an awesome time, with food dishes designed to be more that meets the eye and to playfully mislead, and a few rounds of spinny kickball, where batters had to spin around a few times before kicking the ball. Highlights include:

  • Over 60 in attendance
  • Silly music playing in the Coffeehouse
  • Free Youth Alpha t-shirt for all who attended
  • Meaningful table discussions
  • Many returning guests


Who is Youth Alpha for?
Short answer: Everyone.

As a Youth Ministry, we have identified three target audiences of people who come to Youth Alpha. 1) Students who only attend Coffeehouse. 2) Friends of students who are not connected to the Youth Group. 3) Students who are active attenders of Bloomingdale Church.

The bottom line: All students, regardless of background, are welcome to participate. We hope that students will come, bring their friends, be connected to the youth group, and engage with the topics of Youth Alpha.