Being a safe place for students // Being present in our community // Providing a space for spiritual conversations // Living out Christ’s mission to share His good news

Friday Night Coffeehouse //
A safe and welcoming place for students to hang out.

  • 7th & 8th grade: 6:30 Open Gym/Coffeehouse; 7:30 Group Game; 8:30 Gathering; 9:30-9:55 Pick-up
  • 9th-12th grade: 6:30-7:30 Open Coffeehouse; 7:30 Gathering; 8:30-11 Open Gym/Coffeehouse: Pick-up by 11:30

Special Coffeehouse Events:

  • Volleyball Tournament: Fri Sep 18
  • Coffeehouse Fall Party: Fri Oct 30
  • Thanksgiving Dinner: Fri Nov 20
  • Christmas Party: Fri Dec 18

Serving //
Serving our community together alongside our peers, family or mentor.

FanVan //
Supporting youth group students and families as students participate in sports and activities. Students and adult leaders from the youth group will come support students and their family. Students and parents can sign up at

See You at the Pole

  • Wednesday September 23, 7am at your school flagpole


Guys Basketball Clinic
Come work on conditioning, drills, and finish up with a scrimmage. 9am-noon. Bloomingdale Church Gym

  • Sep 19
  • Oct 17
  • Nov 21
  • Dec 19


Large & small communities gathering for worship, prayer, learning, application, and friendship // Leadership development opportunities // Encouragement and coaching from caring adult’s

Sunday Morning Youth Group //
A weekly space to come together to grow in our understanding of God’s Word and how it must be transforming our lives, including interactive worship experiences and student-led teaching (Book of John).

  • Sundays, 9:30ish-10:45am in Youth Quad

Small Groups //
Students hanging out in youth leader & family homes discussing the Bible: “Real Conversations”.  Begins Sep 13; concludes Nov 1.

  • 7th/8th grade guys: Sundays 6:30-8pm Christopher’s [134 Founders Pt S., B’dale]
  • 7th/8th grade girls: Sundays 6:30-8pm @ Paisley’s [545 Ridgefield Ave, Roselle]
  • 9th/10th grade: Sundays 6:30-8pm @ Freemans [683 Willow Dr, Carol Stream]
  • 11th-12th Grade: Sundays 6:30-8pm @ Murray’s [345 Windsor Dr, B’dale]

Disciple Now Retreat
A Friday evening-Sunday morning “in-house” retreat cheering on students to continue to be connected to Christ and onMission for Him, including: speaker, worship, experiential activities, serving, and small groups.

Winter Camp

High energy weekend away including winter activities, team building initiatives, worship band, speaker, small groups, cabins, bus trip, and plenty of hanging out.

  • Feb 12-14, 2016 @ Expeditions Unlimited Camp

Student Internship //
Supervised, practical training for the onMission lifestyle.


Connecting each student with at least five Christ-following adults who will walk alongside them as they become mature confident adults // Parent support, development, encouragement // Volunteer care and development

The Mentoring Project //
The Mentoring Project connects teen guys with Christian men and teen girls with Christian women who are encouraging role models. Mentors and mentees make a one-year commitment to meet twice-a-month.

Big/Lil Sibs is a youth group program to promote and encourage new and deeper friendships across age groups.

Parenting Teens Community

We believe that a teenager’s parent/guardian is the most important influence in their life and therefore want to do our best to serve and encourage them both.

Parenting Teen Series
Parenting skills presented by professional practitioners.

  • “Talking to Teens About Sex and Their Deepest Longings” w/ Chad Smith (parent-practitioner): Fri Sep 18, 7-8:30pm
  • “How to pay for College” w/ Laura Monteagudo (ISACorps): Fri Oct 16, 7-8:30pm
  • “Understanding Self-Esteem, Self-Harm and Self-Destructive Behaviors” w/ Grant Stenzel (licensed counselor): Fri Nov 13, 7-8:30pm

Parenting Teens Course
A video and conversation-style course facilitated by seasoned parents for parents of teens.

  • Spring 2016

Drop In!
Many students are picked up between 9:30-9:55pm on Friday nights. You are invited to “drop in” for a couple minutes to hang out with other parents, drink some decaf coffee, and enjoy homemade goodies.


Every student is given the opportunity to fundraise and set aside funds in their “Student Account.” (A team of volunteers keep the Student Accounts up-to-date.)

  • Fundraised money is available for Disciple Now retreat, Winter Camp retreat, student leadership retreat, TeamUp retreat, and onMission trips.
  • We provide streamlined fundraising opportunities that have proven to be the most effective.
  • Students receive money in their “Student Account” for the fundraising activities in which they participate. It is a student’s decision in what and how many fundraisers they do.
  • (Please understand that our youth staff/leaders’ primary role is spiritual care and leadership. Therefore, staff leadership of fundraising activity is limited.)

Coffee Sales
This fall, students can sell delicious coffee produced by Second Chance Coffee Company under their brand “I Have a Bean”.

  • Sales packet available at Youth Group or go to
  • 1st Session Orders are due Fri Sep 25 for a delivery to students on: Fri Oct 9
  • 2nd Session Orders are due Fri Oct 30 for a delivery to students on: Fri Nov 13

Ask neighbors/family if they have any jobs/labor.

  • Place $ in envelope with Trip Tix in gym mailbox.

BCRentateen Childcare
We provide opportunities for 9th-12th grade students to provide childcare and receive compensation to their student fundraising account ($8/hour). Students work as a team with an adult (church policy) to provide childcare at designated church functions.

Throughout the year, various needs within the church or from church members can be assisted by students. Students will be called for specific opportunities as they become available. Students who demonstrate a positive work-ethic will be contacted first.

2016 LIFE Trip – Momentum | July 4-10, 2016

Thousands of students authentically experiencing God and being inspired to expand His Kingdom. Worshiping and growing closer to Christ. Connecting with new friends, serving together and helping start churches. An activity hall filled with Big Toys, sports, and interactive games. Seminars, awesome concerts and incredible experiences. Being with 6000+ Alliance Youth.

  • Where? Kansas City, Missouri on July 5-9, 2016.
  • Who? Current 8th-12th grade students who regularly participate at Bloomingdale Church Youth Group.
  • How much? Appx $800-900.
  • Early bird discount: $25 discount if all all commitment paperwork completed by Sep 27
  • Watch the promo video.


Our Mission
A safe and welcoming place for 7th-­12th grade students to develop friendships, be mentored, and discover Jesus. 

Our Core Values

  • GODVALUED // God says that I am valuable
  • CHRISTCONNECTED // I am connected to my savior Jesus Christ.
  • WORD+SPIRITLED // God’s Word & Holy Spirit determines how I perceive the world.
  • LOVECOMMUNITY // I can have a real spiritual impact in my local and global community.
  • ONMISSION // I take faith-­filled risks to live Jesus’ mission for my life [making disciples]

Youth Staff & Volunteers //
Bloomingdale Church prioritizes the safety of the children, teens, and families we serve. We desire to provide a safe environment in which all people feel comfortable and healthy spiritual formation can take place. All leaders have attended Bloomingdale Church for at least six months, are Christ-followers, have completed an annual application, passed background/reference checks, and have received pastoral staff affirmation that they are suitable to serve.

  • Youth Staff Care & Leadership: Daniel (& Amy) Riemenschneider //
  • Discipleship: Nate (& Anna) Kugel //
  • Community Outreach: Danny Muñoz //

Will you consider participating in a volunteering opportunity?   Please email:

  • PARENT HOST. On Friday evenings (9:20-10pm), we would like to schedule parents (once every 4-6 weeks) to greet other parents in the north Youth Quad hallway, and offer them a cup of coffee and/or homemade goodie. This is a great way to meet other parents and help them feel welcome.
  • PRAYER. We are looking for parents who will pray for Youth Group students.
  • HOSPITALITY. Bring fresh snacks or packaged snacks as needed.
  • COFFEEHOUSE CHECK-IN HOST. At Friday Night Coffeehouse, greet students and “visitors” to the building. Check-in them or provide additional building security. (Must complete “Volunteering With Minors” application) [ ] FUNDRAISING SUPPORT. Work with a team to organize a specific fundraiser.
  • ADMIN SUPPORT. Make reminder phone calls to parents. Assist with clerical needs.
  • BOOKKEEPING TEAM. Work with team to manage student accounts.
  • DRIVERS WANTED. Assist with driving needs. Promote safety (including seat-belt enforcement).
  • HOST HOME. Host small group at your home. (Must complete “Volunteering With Minors” application)
  • RESOURCES. I have and may be able to make available: (Ex: Camping equipment, Grilling skills, Sleeping Bags, Construction abilities, Tech abilities